All Details Of The Investigation Of The LAPD At Justin Bieber’s Calabasas!

justin bieber calabasas investigation

A dozen police cars followed by Sheriff Los Angeles County went to the mansion where the singer resides Justin Bieber in Calabasas, California. The reason for the way the police to the scene was due to the termination of a Canadian neighbor, who accused it of causing damage to your property to throw eggs at the site.

The case soon became staff in various media outlets and new controversy involving the star spread through social networks. The police entered the home of the singer with a specific warrant, for evidence that would support such a charge.

Sources say that the police will look for anything that is relevant to the incident of eggs, including eggs in the house and other videos. Sheriff’s deputies believe that surveillance cameras may have captured the moment when Justin allegedly threw eggs.

By the way, think of the eggs may sound silly, but it’s not. There could be some kind of identifier that connects what is in the refrigerator Justin to broken eggs. The fact is, if the police want to find something illegal – like drugs – is fair game.

After a news conference, the sheriff explained that an amount of cocaine was also found in the mansion of Justin, and that was in the possession of his friend, Lil Za, the same was detained by police and the case will be investigated. The delegate also made it clear that Justin will not be charged for possession of cocaine, but will have to answer in this research, since the drug was someone who was at his residence. Check out a video of the arrest of Lil Za and photos of police in the mansion:

Remember that the singer is just being investigated and has not been proven by the police if it is or not guilty.