Sharon Osbourne Apologized to Justin Bieber!

sharon osbourne Apologized justin bieber

During the Talk show Sharon Osbourne took a moment  to apologize to Justin, and calling him “a great person.” Sharon declared that despite everything, she did not want to offend the singer: “He’s a kid, he’s made mistakes, we all have. Unfortunately, this business is very, very mean and tough, and when you’re in that position that you are in, Justin, you’re gonna hear things that you don’t want to hear. And so I can’t apologize for what I’ve said, but I don’t want to hurt you.”

Sharon previously had said a few things that have left fans very unhappy, in a interview in July last year she gave her opinion on the controversies that enveloped him: . “I think he lost, I really do not think he realizes that it is white and not black, which is a big problem. ”

Sharon Osbourne quoted Justin Bieber talking about the friendship that her daughter, Kelly Osbourne keeps up with the star. On Wednesday (09), Kelly was with Bieber graffiting and other friends, and her mother commented that the two are just friends: “!. they are friends, they are just friends, that’s all”