Merchandise Company Sued for $100K after Calling Justin Bieber an ‘Idiot’

justin bieber sue merchandise company

The Bravado, the company responsible for the merchandising of Justin Bieber in the world, has filed a lawsuit against another company, accusing it of insulting Justin and break a contract of product sales of the star. Check below, the matter Starpulse , with more details about the case:

Lawyers Justin Bieber opened a lawsuit of $100,000 against a marketing company after the team allegedly called the singer a ‘Idiot’.

The heads of the Bravado International Group Merchandising Servicesa documents presented in federal court in Manhattan on Friday, according to the New York Daily News.

The documents allege that representatives of a merchandising company broke an agreement to sell posters of Bieber after criticizing him online. The heads of Bravado are suing the company for $100,000, alleging breach of contract.