Justin Bieber Reveals His Phone Number

Power106 justinbieber

Big Boy , the famous radio presenter Los Angeles,  Power 106, talks with singer Justin Bieber during one of the station interactive whiteboards. Released a radio player chat on their official website, where the star confirms his cell phone number after the host has connected to the same by means of a joke, and have been entertained by Bieber.

The Canadian who’s been on the radio before granting exclusive interviews just wondered if Big Boy was no question for you, and then they spoke about the celebrations of the end of the year, and future projects in 2014. One of the other presenters of the program, Krystal Bee, Justin at the end of the call that it had sent to her and her friend Rikki Martinez (who also works in radio) roses gift, and Bieber desconversa it. Check out the audio of the conversation the player below:

justinbieber phone number

  • marcus

    i am a fan of you justin.your voice is realy good keep it up.

  • Ok Rulison

    Wow, Justin Bieber phone number.