Believe Movie: Scott Manson And Other Producers Claim That Justin Bieber Movie Perform Well

Believe Movie

The new movieJustin Bieber‘s Believe , which debuted on December 25 in the United States and also in parts of Europe, Asia and Australia, gaining headlines because of the supposed “flop”, which some critics regard as a failure in the box office. In the most desired film market in the world, the United States, the documentary sold $4.88 million in the first week display, a lower investment of $5 million dollars collection and even smaller than the collection of the 2011 film ,Never Say Never with $12 million dollars collected only on the first day of release.

According to producers and Scott Manson , chief executive Scooter Braun Projects , company entrepreneur Justin, claims the box office failure of the film “Believe” are outside the realm of design, since the level of spending on marketing and theaters showing the “Believe” (just over 1000 rooms), the documentary makes a smaller production than “Never Say Never”, which was shown in more than 3100 theaters and featured a much more massive project marketing, which did not convince some critical, as films from other artists such as Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers were displayed in less than 1000 rooms and had more success in the first week. Check out the declarations of Scott Manson and producers in an interview with Mail Online :The film cost $5 million to Open Road Films distribute and received a limited release.

Although it was labeled a “flop,” an industry source insisted to Mail Online: “It was really a successful launch,” adding that there was “virtually no advertising budget.”

“The idea that it was ‘disastrous’ shows that people just do not understand the realities of this release to Believe … The plan was originally to be displayed only in 500 cinemas, but due to demand, they doubled it in 1000 cinema. “

As reported by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Scott Manson , chief executive Scooter Braun Projects , the entertainment company behind many ventures Bieber, said the strategy behind Believe was similar to the latest album from Beyonce, who she released without anticipating any information or marketing. Manson said that devoted followers of Justin make a marketing campaign of high costs, be unnecessary.

“We realized that due to this solid fan base, where these young people are so loyal and so supportive, it was wonderful for us to get to make a movie that we were really proud and market it directly to them, without the overhead of traditional studio and marketing budgets, “ said Manson. “And we feel we have achieved that.”

“We’re big fans of what Beyonce did,” said Manson. “That’s almost a cinematic version of how she [Beyonce] did it. I hope we both can end up in a great position with our fan bases and also in terms of economy, once the dust settles “ .

The 2011 film Justin – “Never Say Never” – grossed $12 million on launch day and was shown in cinemas 3100.

The film was recorded during the Believe Tour, which grossed over $125 million and was completed December 08 after 150 shows.