5 things we’re most excited to see the movie Justin Bieber ‘Believe’

Justin bieber believe 3d movie

The new feature film about the singer Justin Bieber , the film “Believe” , will be released on December 25 this year. Several media outlets are saying about the new Canadian production that will invade the big screen and numerous lead singer’s fans to theaters soon, and MTV, was one of them.

In a special article dedicated to news related to “Believe” , MTV did some surveys moments and details about the life of Justin that probably will be in his new film, and that his Beliebers should expect to see. The holidays will be especially sweet for Justin Bieber fans this year. The documentary / film singer will hit theaters in December, just in time for Christmas.

The film directed by Jon Chu will please fans of Bieber’s world, as did the double in 2011 with “Never Say Never” . We already know that the mustache Bieber will play a role in the film, but it has much more than we expect to see. Are you paying attention, Chu?

Their cars

Bieber earned some headlines, good and bad, related to his love for fast cars. Who would not want to peek inside the garage Bieber to get a glimpse of their car collection to envy? Car lovers will surely delight in these moments.

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Photo of Ariana Grande

We hear the side of Ariana in history. Now we are hopeful to see pictures of how the photo of Bieber and Ariana really happened. The cameras were already running in August, when they were featured? Fingers crossed!

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All tattoos

Bieber has never been shy about sharing photos of her tattoos, including the eyes of his mother on his arm, but we are sure that the Beliebers would love the opportunity to see all this happening. Is there any chance that someone estavesse filming during one of the sessions Bieber Tattoo? Let’s hope so.

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The crew began filming with Bieber for some time, including a show in Miami, back in January. This means that filming would have occurred in the midst of separation Bieber and Selena Gomez. They parted and returned during the first months after separation. How real will be “Believe” and Bieber sharing his side of the split it? Only time will tell.

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The “Music Journals”

With their new musical projects, Mondays Music / Music Jornauls (so far with “Heartbreaker” and “All That Matters”) being released until December, the entire 10 weeks of new songs will be over. Hopefully “Believe” take fans into this process of making many new songs. Could this also mean more new music? If Bieber know, it is entirely likely.

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Justin Bieber has posted a new clip — called “#Smile” — from his upcoming movie BELIEVE. Watch below: