‘His life is my life,’ Pattie Mallette talks about the challenge to see Justin Bieber grow!

Justib Bieber his mother pattie mallette

Justin Bieber and his mother Pattie Mallette , were always very close and the fact that the star is growing and becoming adult is not easy for her, you need to let the child have his freedom and the chance to make their own choices.

Currently traveling to publicize the new version of his book, ” Nowhere But Up , for teenagers, Pattie gave an interview to People Magazine where he spoke about the challenge of seeing your child grow. Check out the statements of the mother of Justin:

“When your child reaches a certain age, your maternity style changes and it’s hard to let him go. His life is my life and now I need to let it out a bit and let him be independent.’s Hard not to be in control everything your little adult does.

All parents worry. I send SMS and call you every day for it. I definitely want to know what he is doing and what it will do, so I try to talk to him as much as he leaves. I mean, he’s on tour and is pulled into a million things, but we talked as much as he can.

Many people might think that I’m with my head in the sand and I’m oblivious to the things that my son does. I know who my son is, there is always that I agree with what he does, but I do not need to share it with everyone. He is my son and I have to respect that he will not want me to be surrounding and being ‘that mother speaking about his behavior.’

Regardless of how uncomfortable I become with some questions that I’m getting and just remember why I’m doing it here. “

Justin Bieber Surprises Pattie Mallette for OLLG on Mother’s day: