VIDEO: Justin Bieber Filming “LOLLY” Music Video ft. Maejor Ali & Juicy J

justin bieber lolly video

The music video for the song ” Lolly “, the rapper Maejor Ali (also known as Bei Major) with participation of Justin Bieber and Juicy J , is finally being recorded.

On Thursday (15), the Happy Place Productions , producer responsible for the selection of the dancers who participated in the hearings, trials published videos of the choreography that will be part of the video for “Lolly” , along with the known dançadinos Justin. Check out the videos below:

Justin Bieber , the DJ Franny Pacquiao , producer of the video “Lolly” , the Happy Place Productions and one of the directors responsible for the video, Matt Alonzo , who also posted a new video cover, upgraded their accounts with the app Instagram pictures Canadian star.

Among the pictures, Justin appears in the studio, behind the scenes video for “Lolly” and more.justin bieber lolly record justin-bieber-lolly-video-recordingThe afternoon of Thursday (15), was too much work for Justin Bieber , and pass the studio to work on new songs, meet with your team to plan new ideas for your career, the Canadian singer was also in the studio recording their participation in the music video of Ali Maejor , “Lolly” .

Checkout Audio:

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