Justin Bieber’s Secrets Revealed


    Here are a bunch of Justin Bieber’s deepest secrets that were revealed in the “Diary of Justin Bieber” special on MTV. It chronicles his time in France, including a possible broken arm from some pushy French fans.

     * Bieber loves French girls (but not because of their *****).

    * Bieber is on a mission to thank all his fans who have made his incredible ride a reality.

    * Being only 16 years old, Justin has to take time to do school every day.

    * His subjects are algebra, history, and biology, but he takes time to learn about places he travels to, like studying the Arc de Triomphe while in Paris.

    * Justin loves to smell pizza. Like physically sniff a slice.

    * He can hurdle a street pylon.

    * He doesn’t watch anything but R movies.

    * The Bieber jock can make a half-court basketball shot.

    * Kenny the security guard wakes Justin up in the morning.

    *Justin sleeps in a white shirt and white shorts or shirtless.

    * His hair , witch is loved the world over is just blow-dried and then magically falls forward like that.

    * When jumping on a bed, Bieber looks like he is only 12 years of age.

    * Bieber actually knows some French. WE suspect it’s because he’s from Canada.

    * But he reveals that it’s also because it’s his grandparents’ first language, which is perhaps an extension of the being-from-Canada thing, but cool nonetheless.

    * Justin has a team of guys working around him who beat on him like a little brother.

    * Bieb can hold his own though, especially since he kicks his marketing manager Mike in the @@@@@ (by accident).

    * Bieber’s mom Pattie looks like she’s 25 and a French radio host calls her a @@@@

    * Bieber can be a little punk just like any other teenager. When he jokes that his tutor should get back in her cage and his mom tells him to apologize and he won’t.

    * Justin took the time to sing for the crowd outside his gig who couldn’t get in.

    * Bieb doesn’t respond well to Europe’s lack of air conditioning, but he soldiers on signing autographs in a crowded mall anyway.

    * There are so many crying girls, which befuddles both us and the Bieb.

    * If you push Justin Bieber around, he’ll stop signing autographs. But he will perform anyway because that’s how he rolls.

    * He prays before he performs.

    * The sea of camera phones and video cameras during a live concert are this generation’s lighters.

    * Bieber makes up for kicking his marketing manager Mike in the @@@@@ by letting him come onstage and play the guitar. That seems like a good trade-off.

    * Bieb’s got some basketball moves, especially for a little guy.

    * Bieb’s best friend is Ryan from back home in Canada. Ryan is a little further on the road to puberty than Justin.

    * According to the security guys, Bieb says his fans are his “spinach.”

    * Bieb denies ever saying that.

    * Bieber laments that “Not too long ago I was just posting videos on YouTube for my family and friends. This has been an incredible experience, an incredible journey. It’s weird to think that this is only the beginning.”

    Probably the most shocking of all secrets recently revealed is that Justin , although still a teenager has a thing for older ladies.

    At sixteen , he’s willing to date ladies up to the age of 40. How will this effect the millions of tweeners that idolize him we don’t know.

    Bieber explains ,”Anything above 40 is a little too old for me. I just look for a girl who is funny and has nice eyes and a smile.” And socialite Kim Kardashian is currently top of his list – at the age of 29, she fits his criteria.

    Looks like the young fans are going to work prettty hard to catch the eye of eccentric mega star Bieber.

    He explained his reasons for picking Kim Kardashian over her little sister Kendall, who is 14 years old.
    Handler “Well, I mean she actually said, or Kim said, ‘I think Justin Bieber should date my sister,’ and I was like, ‘I think I should date you.’”

    Justin said that he weighs 110 pounds and drives a Range Rover, so he thinks he can handle it.

    Bieber has recently called on fans to stop hating on Kim, because of his recent revelations. He’s one of the most famous people alive today so we feel he has a right to love who he loves.

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