Lawyer says Mariah Yeater Wants to Settle Down with Justin Bieber out of Court


Mariah Yeater tried repeatedly to settle with Justin Bieber out of court, her lawyer said Wednesday.

Chicago lawyer Jeffrey Leving sent emails to the Bieb’s camp twice in September and again Oct. 3 asking for a private paternity test and direct negotiations without the need for a court filing, Leving told the Daily News.

He got no response.

“It could have been done painlessly, with the media never knowing about it,” Leving claimed. “Access to justice should not be a luxury only the rich can afford, especially in a society where people are so enamored by celebrity status and wealth.”

Leving said he “trusts” Mariah Yeater’s story after lengthy discussions with her and her mother and hopes a judge will order a DNA test after a court hearing Dec. 15.

He said Bieber’s lawyer did agree to a test, but Leving wants to make sure it’s court-ordered and properly supervised.

“There has to be a sufficient chain of custody. Now it’s a high-profile case, and there’s motive to corrupt this. People are so enamored with Justin Bieber, you could have someone change samples in a lab because of love for this guy,” he claimed.

“She’s an unemployed single mother struggling to make a future while being intimidated and bullied. She has a right to make her case without threats of being sued or jail time. This is outrageous,” Yeater’s lawyer said.