How Old is Justin Bieber today?


How old is Justin Bieber today, this year?

Justin was born March 1, 1994
in March 2010, Justin is 16
in March 2011, he is 17
in March 2012, he is 18
in March 2013, he is 19
in March 2014, he is 20
in March 2015, he is 21
in March 2015, he is 22
in March 2016, he is probably getting married and have a baby. eww

Believe it or not, many people don’t know how old is JB unless he/she is bieber fans.
My mom for example, asked me today “How old is Justin Bieber?” I said.. “He is 16″ and she said… “But last month you told me he was 15″ And I was like.. “grrrrrr….”