Justin Bieber’s Love Confessions


Justin Bieber reveals his deepest love confessions in the March issue of M Magazine.

About his best dates: “The first date I ever had was actually very good. I was 13 and I took the girl out to eat. She was really nice.”

About girls who make him feel shy:
“Yeah! If I really like a girl, I get nervous. There have been a few dates I’ve gone on that I was totally anxious about. I try to just stay calm and remember to be myself.”

About his most nerve-wracking date ever:
“Well once I took a girl out for a first date to an Italian restaurant. During the meal I spilled spaghetti all over her! It was terrible and embarrassing. I never went out with her again. So I would suggest not going out for Italian on a first date because it can be messy! I’ll never make that mistake again.’

About his dating do’s and dont’s:
“On a first date, I like to get something to eat and talk. It’s probably not a good idea to watch a movie, because you don’t have a chance to chat and get to know each other. To me, I don’t really care what a girl wears, as long as she’s comfortable!”